Frequently Asked Questions

Which grades are available on SkyMath?


SkyMath is best for students in grades 1-4, but covers grades K-5.


How does SkyMath figure out where my child is in math?


The first set of five islands is an adaptive diagnostic test. Once your child completes the first five islands, we’ll know right where she is in math across five learning domains. We’ll calculate a personal learning profile and start your child right away on areas with the greatest opportunity for growth.


How did you pick the apps?


A team of great teachers spent months vetting and evaluating the best apps out there for each learning topic.


Can you use this in schools?


Kids anywhere can use SkyMath!  We’re working on optimizing SkyMath for classrooms and teachers. Stay tuned for more school-related features, including a classroom dashboard and the ability to assign topics. If you have more feedback on features you’d like to see for a school edition, email


How much does SkyMath cost?


The first five islands are a free adaptive diagnostic test that will tell you where your child is in math.  SkyMath charges one-time fees for every set five islands that will help a child learn the math skills in the proper sequence


Do we have to pay for the apps? How much are they?


Most apps are under $4.00, but a few really good ones are a bit more. There is at least one free app per island set.  The apps provide practice critical to learning new skills, but you’re not required to purchase any of the apps in order to use SkyMath.


It’s important for us to give you the very best recommendations for learning apps and videos possible.  We don’t receive any form of payment and don’t have any incentive for recommending a learning app other than what is best for a child’s learning.



Is SkyMath aligned to Common Core?


Yes, SkyMath meets high standards for math, including new state standards that are in

line with the Common Core standards. Our bar for quality instruction and material is

high, too. There are a few topics where we felt there weren’t enough high-quality

educational videos or apps.


Is SkyMath available on Android, iOS, or online?


Right now, SkyMath is only available on iOS.


What subjects does SkyMath cover?


Currently, SkyMath covers nearly all of what our kids are expected to learn in math from

Kindergarten-5th grade.


Are there advertisements on SkyMath?


No, there are no advertisements on SkyMath. Occasionally, some of the free apps we

recommend may contain ads.


Are there in-app purchases on SkyMath?


SkyMath charges a one-time fee for a set five islands that will help a child learn the math

skills in the proper sequence.  SkyMath does not have advertising.


How do I set up prizes?


Tap the blue arrow near your child’s avatar. Then, tap “Parents.” From here, you can tap

“Pick A Prize” to add a prize for each set of islands. Your child will see the text you enter

when they finish each set of five islands.


How do I track my child’s progress?


In the Parent Panel, you can see what math topic your child is working on and how much

progress she has made. Tap the blue arrow near your child’s avatar to access the Parent



Do we need WiFi to connect to SkyMath?


You need WiFi access to view videos, download recommended apps, and take quizzes to

pass the island. Many of our recommended apps work offline. If you want to take

SkyMath with you on the go, we recommend downloading a few of your child’s

recommended apps beforehand.


How do I edit my contact information?


You can edit your contact information in the Parent Panel. Tap the blue arrow at the

bottom of the iPad screen to access the Parent Panel.


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